Why Minahto?

The name Minahto came from a diminutive I used to call Min. Along with Minikin, Minchkin and various other weird made-up words. A Japanese friend told me that it meant “harbour” or “safe haven” in her language. I’d had no idea that I was in fact using a word that meant something, even if it was in Japanese! Anyway, I rather liked the idea of my cats coming from a foundation that had such a connotation, and registered the word Minahto as my breeder prefix with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

The GCCF is the body that oversees the cat world, issuing rules and guidelines on all aspects of cat breeding and showing. I suppose the most important thing from the point of view of anyone wanting to purchase a kitten or cat from a breeder is the fact that the GCCF has very strict codes of ethics that all breeders have to sign up to. You can go to the links page if you want to find out more about the GCCF.

All Min’s kittens consequently had Japanese words making up their pedigree names and I’ve carried that over into some other litters as well. Suki’s pedigree is Minahto Shizukana – that means calm, or peaceful. It describes her character completely – she is a very gentle cat and very affectionate. Sharni is Minahto Akachan. It means baby. Sharni was the last to be born of Min’s first litter and she was very small.