In which we go on holiday

We've been on holiday for ages! Mummy Gill went off on a work trip and we went to stay with Auntie Rosie and Uncle Barrie. We had a big house all to ourselves and it had a snuggly room and beds that were heated, and we had our blankets and some of our toys as well. It had ledges where we could climb and sit and look out although we were at the back so the view wasn't great. But the nice ladies who looked after us gave us lots of cuddles every day, and they didn't forget to feed us, and they played with us too sometimes.

It was okay to start with but I'd never been away before and after a while I began to think that we'd be here for ever. But Pickle looked after me and told me that mummy Gill would be back eventually. Mummy Sassy told me that she'd come here one time when my big sister Charley and my big brother Bruno were only a few weeks old. She told me it's where my daddy King lives but I didn't get to meet him; Sassy told me he probably had a girlfriend visiting but she wasn't at all jealous.

Talking of Charley, I'm going to be something called an Uncle. I think that could be fun, but I'm not sure. Pickle says he's Suki and Sharni's uncle. But they live with us and I don't live with Charley. I think it's something to do with her having babies.

It was lovely when we went home. Mummy Gill's parents collected us and took us home again. It was so nice to curl up on our big soft sofa and to be able to go out in the garden. They gave us huge bowls of food. Sassy ran round the house in circles, and up and down the stairs for ages. We snuggled all together until the next morning when mummy Gill came home. We all went to meet her at the door and she picked us all up and hugged us really tight. I think she missed us too.

This week she has been at work for 3 days and now it's Easter. I think I'll like Easter because there's chocolate. I don't like the chocolate itself but it comes in big boxes. I wonder if I'll get one to play with...? Being me is so exciting!

Bye for now...