Something called Christmas.....

.... followed by something called New Year.

We've been home from the cattery for ages and it's been great to be somewhere where the radiators are on almost all the time and I can eat almost anything (actually it's mostly Sharni's food) and I can do my jumping trick at the bedroom door again.

Actually the cattery isn't so bad - the nice people there cuddle me a lot and let me eat lots of food and play with me, but I can't run around a lot so when I come home I go absolutely mad and rush about and jump on and off all the furniture and mum says it sounds like a herd of elephants when I run up and down the stairs. I don't know what an elephant is but I don't think she's being complimentary.

Anyway, then mum put a tree up in the house, and it had lots of dangly things on it which I thought was great, lots of new toys for me to play with. And it lit up with pretty coloured lights, which I chewed but they didn't taste very nice, sort of crunchy but a bit plasticky so I didn't try those again. And all round the pictures there was this sparkly string stuff, which was really fun to pull on and chew. Mum got really cross so I don't do it any more.

And finally there was lots of nice food and fireworks and loud bangs; Sassy was a bit scared but I just jumped on her and took her mind off the bangs and she was okay again.

Suki wasn't very well for a while but mum took her to the vet and she had an injection which was okay apparently and she's feeling better now. Suki, that is, not mum.

It's been nice to have mum home and she's been around for ages. I jump on her and her computer when she least expects me; I especially like leaping up onto the back of the sofa and then landing on her computer when she's typing on it. She yells at me when I do that but I can tell she likes it really.

Apparently mum has made a new year resolution to let me play with the computer more in 2010, whatever that is. I don't think it involves more food but maybe I'll be able to update you more often with my blog.

All the humans are saying Happy New Year so I suppose I should say it too, whatever it means... actually I'll say my version, which is "happy and healthy purring and lots of headrubs to all my fans!"