In which I have a birthday!

(whatever that is!)

But anyway, it's great fun, having a birthday. I got lots of cuddles this morning, I was picked up and mum carried me around saying how much I'd grown in one year. She sang happy birthday to me but I'm not sure that was a great idea really LOL

Anyway then she had to go to work - she says she has to go there every day so she can get money to buy my food and toys and other stuff - but this evening when she came home we had yummy wet food, all of us, so we all got to party together and I ate mine and some of everyone else's too.

Then we played with toys and I ran around loads and now I'm all tired out and flopped on the sofa. Mummy G sent birthday greetings to my brothers and sisters on her computer. I didn't know we all had one! Tui wrote back, it was nice to hear from her and I hope she had a good birthday too.

Can I have another birthday tomorrow?