In which I learn a new trick...

... and mum is really cross about it :-)

There are two rooms at the top of the stairs which always have the doors closed. Mum calls them the bedrooms and she says it's to make sure she has somewhere that doesn't get cat fur in it.

Anyway I got really fed-up not being allowed in these rooms. After all why shouldn't I go in them? I have to sleep as well and I like a nice snuggly duvet just as much as the next cat. So I've learned how to open the doors. It's great fun and I get lots of exercise while I do it. I jump up at the handles and when I catch hold of them they pull downwards and the doors swing open. And I get to go in!

Mum can hear me jumping at the doors so I have to get it first time otherwise she comes to get me and carries me downstairs and shuts all the doors so I can't run about so much - or get to the bedrooms. But it's great fun. She says she's going to get new handles... but she hasn't done so yet!
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