In which I play with more wrapping paper

Mum's mum and dad came to visit yesterday. They brought mummy presents. I wanted to know why I didn't get any but I was told it wasn't my birthday this time but hers. But she let me play with some of the paper when she'd taken it off.

We just came back from the cattery again. It got chilly at night but we had big warm beds and lots of blankets to snuggle into. The gorgeous Suki was not very well so she went off to hospital somewhere and we came home without her, but she has come home tonight. I have tried not to jump on her too much as she isn't better yet.

I am still trying to open the bedroom door. I don't know what mum has done but I can't do it now. I know I am landing on the door handle but it doesn't open it any more. Mum says she has locked it, and I don't think tht's fair.

It's very noisy here at the moment. I think mummy Sassy is calling her boyfriend but he's not around. I wish she'd have more kittens. Then I'd have someone to play with. Mummy Gill says Sassy has to wait a while until all her travelling is finished. That could be another 6 months! Can I stand the noise???