In which there's lots of news

Well hallo again!

Another long gap in my blog - I really must get mum to write it up for me more often! Some great news - my big sister Charley has written a blog too! It's all about her kittens and their new outdoor run. It sounds really good.

Mum has been away again, another work thing to Denmark and another holiday with lots of cyclists from Russia. They went all the way to Scotland. One of them had a bike accident and hurt his shoulder and his ribs. We stayed at home for the first trip and stayed with Auntie Rosie for the second one. Our nice friend Bill came to look after us. He plays with me and gives me lots of food. I like him a lot.
Auntie Suki and Auntie Sharni have been on tablets. Sharni is a bit skinny so she has to eat more. Suki has had more problems with her mouth but she's better again. It wasn't her kidmeys after all.

I went in a show at the Burmese Cat Club. I won my
class and got a certificate which says Master Cat. Mum says I have to get two more for me to be called a Master Cat but she says I am a master anyway. It was a long way and I rode in a basket in the car. I like going in the car, I talk a lot to keep mum awake and prevent accidents. Pickle went too. He likes going out and always jumps in the basket when mum gets one out. He says he never goes anywhere so this time she took him along. He was being used as a demo cat. The judges got him out and talked about him. He says they were nice to him, given that he's very old.

Hope you enjoy Charley's blog! There are new photos of my brothers Talisker (Charley's litter brother) and Watson (my litter brother) on the friends page so do go and look!