In which I update everybody!

Well, so much has been happening recently that I haven't had time to post my blog!

First off, I became an uncle! My older sister Charley had 3 babies - well she had more but sadly some didn't make it. But I have three nephews and nieces (not sure how many of each at the moment!) and mummy Gill is going to see them all soon. I think there are some photos on the website somewhere so please make sure you look out for them...

Auntie Suki - she's the gorgeous old one - hasn't been very well. Gerard, the nice man in the blue coat (why does everyone think vets wear white?) told mummy Gill that he thought it was kidney failure. Mum was very upset and Suki got fed from a syringe with something mum calls liquid gold but which is actually called Fortol which made Suki put lots of weight back on. So maybe it isn't full kidney failure after all but Suki is very subdued although mummy Gill does get her to eat every so often which is a good thing. And she has to have tablets every day. So I'm being very gentle with Suki at the moment and not jumping on her to play.

Mummy Gill has been away twice since I last wrote. The first time she was away for a week to somewhere called Abu Dhabi. That was for "work", the second time she was on "holiday" to somewhere called Cyprus. Both times we have had lots of nice people come to look after us, and they like to play with me and give me food although for some reason I'm not allowed to eat the wet food any more 'cos mum thinks I'm getting fat. I don't think I'm fat. Anyway what's the point of wasting the food if the oldies don't want it?

Anyway mum has been around lots recently which is nice cos I get to cuddle with her when I come in from the garden, which isn't often. I like the garden. It has lots of flying things which buzz at me when I try to catch them. They're called bees. And there are other things called flies. They're easier to catch and I knock them to the ground and eat them. It has been very warm and I like being outside when it's warm. Better than that white cold stuff we had before. There's a ledge that I sit on all the time and watch what's happening. Before she went on holiday mum cut all the grass in our run. I didn'tlike that. Before, I could sneak up on the others and jump on them. Now they know I'm there and I can't hide any more.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about Easter! I did like Easter. There were boxes with holes cut out especially for me to play in. Mum said she had to take the chocolate out first but I wasn't bothered about that. The boxes had head-shaped holes so I could look out, and mum put my toys in and watched and laughed as I tried to get them out again. I think it was mean to laugh but I'm glad I entertained everyone. Here's me in my box peeping out.