In which I am two!

Hello everyone....

today is my second birthday! We all had yummy tuna for tea and mummy Gill gave me pressies - I got a ball which isn't so much fun really but I haven't told her yet - and a squishy thing with a feather like a tail which I love and have nearly killed already! Here's a photo of me practising killing the squishy thing (look at those claws - wow!)

It's been ages since I last blogged and there was me thinking I'd get more computer time this year - huh! It's been a rather sad year with auntie Suki and auntie Sharni both going to the Rainbow Bridge. But uncle Pickle is still here and still lets me play with him although I have to be careful because he gets grumpy sometimes. Mummy Sassy is going to give me my birthday pressies at the end of August I think - mummy Gill keeps saying I will get some new brothers and sisters but I will have to be very gentle with them for several weeks.

Mummy Gill has been at home for absolutely ages and it's been nice to have her at home although I did like jumping in her huge bag when it had all her clothes in it! She says she will be at home for ages yet. While she was away we had a new room fitted on the house - well actually it looks the same as the room that was there before but cooler and whiter and there's less furniture although all my toys are still there - and we were looked after by people who came to visit everyday and it was fun seeing new people but it was good when mummy came home, she said it was something to do with some volcano, whatever that is. And I hid from the building men and the carers thought I was scared, but I wasn't, it was just that I didn't want to scare the builders 'cos I knew they had lots of work to do.

I never seem to be able to open the bedroom door now, I jump and jump but it stays shut, I must be losing my touch! But the weather has been so hot and sunny recently that I spend almost all my time outside which is very exciting but the long grass in my cat run has turned to sone strange straw-like stuff, and it's not so much fun to hide in any more because it's a bit spikey!

I'll write again soon when my miniature kitten pressies arrive! Byeeee!