Meet Suki and Sweep…

Here are Suki, a blue girl, and Sweep, a brown boy, from Pixie's first litter. They live with Jessica, Alex and their young son Oscar.

Thanks to Jessica and Alex for letting me know how their Minahto kittens are getting on!

Suki and Sweep are exploring their new found freedom with abandon. Now the sun has come out they are loving being outside charging around the garden or soaking up the sun.

They are inseparable and if one wakes up from a snooze and can't find the other they call out until they are reunited. Suki is super affectionate, she'll try and climb onto your shoulder at any opportunity and just loves to cuddle, whereas Sweep is a little more mischievous and playful though just wants a warm lap and a stroke too.

There is a huge mutual affection with toddler Oscar too which is so lovely. He adores them and just wants to cuddle (well, grip or eat their fur) all the time. Suki is beautifully tolerant and will sit curled up with him despite any slight discomfort, Sweep is a little less tolerant but generally just scarpers if its gets too much. They swiftly worked out that the pushchair is a pretty comfy spot for a nap whether or not Oscar is in it!