Happy birthday Pickle!

Today is Pickle's 17th birthday! Sadly I wasn't at home much with him but we've had lots of cuddles this evening and he's played with some toys and had some posh chicken food. He might even get to snuggle up with me in the bed tonight too! The kittens are all over him but he just lets them play until he's fed up then he just moves away :-)

I haven't blogged for a while but the kittens have grown so much as you might have seen from the kitten pages. I hope you've enjoyed the videos which Philip has been filming, and have managed to get an idea just how gorgeous this whole litter is. They should all be leaving for new homes in the next couple of weeks. One is staying at home - the one who was the smallest right at the start has grown into a very lovely little girl and I hope she will do well on the show bench in the future. One of the others is also going to be shown as well, just to see how she does.

I'll post a summary of their show career as they go along!

In the meanwhile - happy birthday again to Pickle :-)

Quality kitten time

Well today I've got the day off work so it's nice to spend some quality time with the kittens. It's great to see how much they've developed and how much progress they're making. For example:

the Weeny girl has started climbing into the dish of dry kitten food - intended for Sassy - and is attempting to eat it, so she seems to have bypassed the stage of trying it soft and squishy first! Perhaps that's why she's suddenly had a weight increase and is now ove the 300gm mark... they are all using the litter tray, and I haven't even spent any time training them for that. Perhaps they're just watching Sassy... they climb in and out of the kitten pen all the time, and are now wobbling their way all round the ground floor of the house...

They are all having antibiotics and eye ointment to get over the respiratory infection an all seem very healthy - no more sticky eyes when they wake up. We've got to continue that for another few days although they now know what's coming and it's getting more difficult!

Anyway, it's good that following the tragedy at the weekend they all seem to be doing well - long may it continue!

More soon....


Dear friends

I am very sad to announce that the choccie boy kitten died early this morning, Saturday 25 September aged 4 weeks and 2 days. Without a postmortem on him I don't know the cause, but from the symptoms I suspect pneumonia. To think that 24 hours ago he was eating and playing... he was in my arms snug and warm at his moment of crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Prayers please for this little life that had such a big impact in so short a time.



The kittens bid for freedom!

Hello everyone...

well the kittens are 4 weeks old today. Yesterday when I got home and let Sassy out of the kitten pen, four of the kittens climbed out after her! They are now well into the exploratory phase and I will also be starting to wean them at the weekend.

The littlest girl continues to put on weight, slowly but surely, although she is still only half the weight of her bigger sisters at just under 200gm. I have high hopes that she will break that 200 gm barrier this week. She is quite capable of sticking up for herself and I am beginning to feel more optimistic that she will make it.

They are also beginning to discover toys, and especially a climbing / tunnel thingy that I have had for several years and which always attracts the youngsters! Here's a photo of one of the brown girls playing peek-a-boo ....

Teddy continues to be slightly wary of them and isn't really sure what he should so when they approach him. It's so funny to watch the young tearaway being terrorised by something so small in comparison! :-)

More soon...


Kitten update

The kittens are now 2.5 weeks old.

The one who had the tummy abcess is fully recovered and they are all putting weight on.I stillhave some concern over the weeniest girl; although she is very feisty she hasn't been putting as much weight on as I would like. But she is still fighting and I'm making sure she gets her fair share of the milk bar.

Last week Sassy decided to give her kittens a tour. First of all she decided they needed to sleep somewhere different and as she was in the kitten pen, the only option was the litter tray. Luckily it was clean.... I came in from work to find them all in a very cold and lumpy bed!

Later that evening she took them on a tour of the house, carrying a few around for a sight-see! One ended up under the bed, but I soon brought her down again. Sassy seems to have got the travel bug out of her system now and the babies have stayed put in the pen ever since.

Pickle is his usual calm self and is happy to snuggle with the kittens. Here's a photo of him babysitting....

Teddy however is still a little scared :-)
More updates soon!

Kitten emergency...

Well today has been rather a dramatic day. The small brown girl - and it is confirmed, there are 6 girls and one boy - developed an abcess around the umbilical cord site. It was a quick dash over to the vets, where Gerard kindly saw us just before his formal consulting hours began. The abcess was lanced and was very infected. The kitten then received an antibiotic injection, and I have antibiotic drops to give her - literally one drop night and morning. We are hoping that the infection does not spread to the liver as that would mean there is nothing more that could be done for her. Hopefully we have caught it quickly enough.

I am under instructions to bathe the site regularly with warm salt water and squeeze the wound to ensure that all the infection is out (yuck!) But at least I'm at home for a few days and can keep an eye on it all.

All the rest are fine though!

What a big world!

How exciting - one of the chocolate kittens has opened it's eyes today! That's very early - only 6 days old... would usually expect it from around a week to ten days.

They are all doing very well and putting on weight steadily, even the very weeny one is progressing nicely. Sassy is very attentive and barely gets out of the kitten pen all day even though I leave it open for her to come and go. She will get out to stretch her legs first thing in the morning and a couple of times during the day but otherwise she stays with them the whole time.

Teddy is quite funny - he is a little scared of these new little playthings, especially when they squeak, but I expect he will be happy to play with them when they are a bit older. Pickle is totally uninterested but I expect him to be his normal loving self when they start wobbling around.

More soon....


That's right - the class of 2010 has arrived! Sassy decided she couldn't wait any longer so at about 4am this morning she decided to have her babies. I've been in Budapest for work this week - she started about 12 hours before I got home. Luckily she was staying with Rosie and I can't say a big enough thank you to Rosie who was up with Sassy at that time and saw her through the whole thing.

Not too sure what we have at the moment but there's a potential of 5 brown girls, a choc boy and a choc girl. But we're still working that all out!

So far, mother and kittens are doing well. Will start posting photos and weights soon - and videos once they start being interesting :-)

Keep checking for updates.... and in the meanwhile here's one of the first photos!

love from Gill and Sassy!

Sassy is 5!

Today is Sassy's birthday. She's been very restless all day - not sure if that is a consequence of having a birthday or just feeling uncomfortable because she is so pregnant! I was quite worried earlier on as she seemed to be looking for a nesting spot - kittens aren't due for another 20 days or so! I brought her kitten pen in from the shed and gave it a good clean-up, and put an igloo-style bed in there for her to snuggle into. At the moment she is sleeping with Pickle and Teddy up on my bed, which is a real treat for them all!

Anyway, very shortly I'll get out some sardines, which she seems to love - as does Pickle - and they can be her birthday dinner treat; Teddy can have tuna as he doesn't seem to like sardines LOL! Sassy is certainly enjoying her food at the moment and within reason I'm trying to give her as much as she wants as she is clearly eating for several... on previous occasions I've thought she might only have 3 or 4 kittens as she's usually quite small - then she goes on to have 6 or 7 - but this time she has truly blossomed so I have no idea how many she might have. Probably 3 or 4 very large ones - which isn't as good as it sounds because she is a tiny little cat and might have problems. So 6 or 7 smallish kitts would be ideal!

More soon....

Farewell to Sharni

Dear friends
many of you will know by now that my gorgeous little chocolate girl Sharni was put to sleep on Tuesday 6 July to save her from further suffering from kidney failure. Unlike with Suki, he disease took Sharni very quickly as she had only gone for her annual check-up at the start of June. She's very much missed around the house.
There's a tribute to her on her web page.

However on a happier note - and possibly a premature one! - Sassy is looking very "pink" today! So with luck she is pregnant and will be having kittens at the end of August... fingers crossed and I will keep you all updated!

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