Kitten update

The kittens are now 2.5 weeks old.

The one who had the tummy abcess is fully recovered and they are all putting weight on.I stillhave some concern over the weeniest girl; although she is very feisty she hasn't been putting as much weight on as I would like. But she is still fighting and I'm making sure she gets her fair share of the milk bar.

Last week Sassy decided to give her kittens a tour. First of all she decided they needed to sleep somewhere different and as she was in the kitten pen, the only option was the litter tray. Luckily it was clean.... I came in from work to find them all in a very cold and lumpy bed!

Later that evening she took them on a tour of the house, carrying a few around for a sight-see! One ended up under the bed, but I soon brought her down again. Sassy seems to have got the travel bug out of her system now and the babies have stayed put in the pen ever since.

Pickle is his usual calm self and is happy to snuggle with the kittens. Here's a photo of him babysitting....

Teddy however is still a little scared :-)
More updates soon!
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