That's right - the class of 2010 has arrived! Sassy decided she couldn't wait any longer so at about 4am this morning she decided to have her babies. I've been in Budapest for work this week - she started about 12 hours before I got home. Luckily she was staying with Rosie and I can't say a big enough thank you to Rosie who was up with Sassy at that time and saw her through the whole thing.

Not too sure what we have at the moment but there's a potential of 5 brown girls, a choc boy and a choc girl. But we're still working that all out!

So far, mother and kittens are doing well. Will start posting photos and weights soon - and videos once they start being interesting :-)

Keep checking for updates.... and in the meanwhile here's one of the first photos!

love from Gill and Sassy!
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