What a big world!

How exciting - one of the chocolate kittens has opened it's eyes today! That's very early - only 6 days old... would usually expect it from around a week to ten days.

They are all doing very well and putting on weight steadily, even the very weeny one is progressing nicely. Sassy is very attentive and barely gets out of the kitten pen all day even though I leave it open for her to come and go. She will get out to stretch her legs first thing in the morning and a couple of times during the day but otherwise she stays with them the whole time.

Teddy is quite funny - he is a little scared of these new little playthings, especially when they squeak, but I expect he will be happy to play with them when they are a bit older. Pickle is totally uninterested but I expect him to be his normal loving self when they start wobbling around.

More soon....
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