Suki was born on 2 March 1995 and was one of 7 kittens in Min’s first litter. Her pedigree name is Minahto Shizukana – shizukana means calm in Japanese.

Actually Suki’s pedigree name is a lot longer than that, having done really well on the show bench and achieved numerous titles. When she’s facing her public, her title is actually UK Grand Champion / UK and Imperial Grand Premier Minahto Shizukana. That’s a real mouthful but considering Suki was one of my very first kittens I’m so proud of what she has achieved. Check out the show pages for an outline of how titles are awarded, and some photos of Suki’s many rosettes!

Suki is, as her name suggests, a very placid, gentle and loving cat. Her temperament is superb. She has had a few litters of kittens but several years ago she became seriously ill as a result of what was eventually considered a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. She had to be spayed and for several days it was touch and go whether she would survive. But following two operations, and thanks to lots of tender loving care from her vet who refused to give up on her, she came home a skin-and-bone weakling. Gradually however she got back in condition and went back out on the show bench, where even now at the grand old age of 13 she is still winning certificates and classes.

Like her sister Sharni, Suki has taken against kittens a little as she’s got older. But it’s good for the kittens, who aren’t fazed when they leave home to find another cat in their new household that might be hissing at them.

Suki likes lying out in the cat run enjoying the sun, but equally in the winter she’s the first on the radiator bed when the heating is turned on! All the cats enjoy the radiator beds and I’ve had to send photos to friends who don’t believe me when I’ve told them that “yes, honestly, you can get 5 adult cats on a radiator bed…” Check out the evidence here.