Pickle was born on 17 November 1993 and is Min’s brother. His pedigree name is Julibu Flashpoint. Pickle’s a brown Burmese. He’s absolutely adorable – cuddly, friendly, chatty and very affectionate.

I only have to sit on the sofa and he’s there, wanting to snuggle on my lap or in my arms. Pickle isn’t really a show quality cat but in recent years he’s been entered in the Burmese Cat Cub’s annual show in the Pet Burmese category. Pet Burmese are judged on condition and temperament, rather than conformation to any published standard of points, and at the grand old age of 11 he won the first of three consecutive titles of Best Pet.

He loves kittens and is very protective of them when there are any in the house. He’s also incredibly patient with them, allowing them to climb over him, play with his tail and generally educating them. The presence of kittens in the household seems to give him an extra lease of life and he becomes like one of them.