17th Nov 1993 – 1st Sept 2008

Min is Champion Julibu Twitter Glitter and she’s a lilac Burmese, born on 17 November 1993. Pickle is her litter brother. When she was a kitten, Min was very small, earning her name from a shortening of the word miniature.

Now she’s the “grande dame” of the household, on a permanent diet because she has a tendency to put weight on the moment she even looks at food!

Min has done quite well on the show bench, achieving the title of Champion, and winning one Grand Champion certificate before she got a bit too old. She’s had several litters of kittens and produced some wonderful babies to follow in her show career footsteps.

Like her brother, Min likes having kittens around and is happy to teach them and play with them. She also enjoys the fact that kittens have food on demand and will try any trick in the book to get into their pen and hoover up their meal.

Like any cat, Min sheds fur on the furniture but I’ve found that she’s quite amenable to having it removed “at source”. She enjoys being “hoovered” and lies back quite happily while I give her a massage with the hoover nozzle whilst sucking up all that loose fur before it gets on the sofa!