About Minahto Burmese

I became interested in Burmese cats in 1994 when I purchased my first two from Julie and Ian Bryer of Julibu Burmese. Min was a lilac colour and Pickle, her brother, was brown. They were born on 17 November 1993. It was a day of enormous excitement when they were 13 weeks old and allowed to leave their early home and move in with me.

When I first saw them I knew straight away that they couldn’t be separated. Min got her name from being the smallest of the litter – it was short for miniature, although to see her now you wouldn’t believe it! Check out photos of Min and more about her here. Pickle was inquisitive and into everything and was a right little pickle – that’s how he got his name and it suited him down to the ground. Check out more about Pickle and his antics here.

They show cats don’t they?

Shortly after bringing them home, Julie asked me if I’d be interested in showing Min. I’d never heard of a cat show before and decided to give it a go. Julie and Ian were very supportive and took me through the whole process. So Min’s first show was the London Cat Club show, which was held at the time in the main sports hall at the Crystal Palace arena. Min did really well, winning several classes. The owner of the stud cat which had sired Min was also there and she was thrilled to see how gorgeous Min had become. However she was amazed to learn that she had been sold “as a pet!” This was my first introduction to Rosie Alger-Street of Typha/Typhast Burmese and Bengals, although she and her husband Barrie have since become great mentors and very good friends.

Later that year I decided, after much deliberation and discussion with Rosie and Julie, to let Min have a litter of kittens. She went on her honeymoon to one of Rosie’s boys, Typha Kings Nighte, known as Nightie. They had a great time and 3 weeks later I learned that Min was indeed pregnant. On 2 March 1995 she produced a lovely litter of 7 kittens. I kept two of these and they became important members of the household, Suki and Sharni. Why not visit their pages by clicking on their names, and learn more about them?

Rescue cat

In 1997 I took in a rescue Bengal called Looney. Obviously he wasn’t a Minahto Burmese but nevertheless he became one of the family. He wasn’t a very good example of the breed from the point of view of show type, but he was adoring and oh so friendly! Sadly he developed skin cancer and despite every effort, both veterinary and homeopathic to put him into remission, the vile disease took hold and on Midsummer’s Day 2004 I took the decision to save him from suffering. Looney was only 8 years old and it was a tragic loss. Have a look at some of Looney’s photos here.

The latest member of the family is Fandango Minahto Assam, or Sassy as she’s known at home. Sassy had her 3rd litter of kittens on 29th July 2008 – they've all found homes now but you can see all the pictures and movies on the kitten pages! Sassy was bred by my good friend Claire Lewis of Fandango Burmese and Asians. Sassy was born in August 2005 and moved in on 5 November. Luckly there were no fireworks in the house as she met the rest of the gang!